Port Tanger’s Luxury Sunglasses are Designed to Suit Every Face Shape

Port Tanger’s Luxury Sunglasses are Designed to Suit Every Face Shape

Buying sunglasses IRL can be a struggle, but buying them online? That’s a whole other issue. Is your face an oval or a circle — or is it an oblong? No matter how many “best sunglasses for my face shape” google searches you conduct, you’ll never really know how the sunglasses will fit until you try them on at home.

Enter, Port Tanger. The luxury brand’s sunglasses feature a signature curved frame that are designed to suit everyone — regardless of face shape.

Knowing that frees you up to focus on the actual style of the glasses, and whether you’re into rectangle Matrix-inspired glasses or you’re loyal to the classic oversized styles, Port Tanger is making some of the best sunglasses in the game right now.

The brand’s diverse silhouettes reflect a thoughtful design process inspired by the its namesake, the Moroccan city of Tangiers. The Crepusculo model shines with warm olive and saffron tones designed to mimic the colors of dusk, while the Saudade’s timeless shape is reflected in its name, a Portuguese word used to describe a deep sense of longing or nostalgia.

Elsewhere, the Mektoub and the Yamina silhouettes are giving us serious ’70s vibes (perhaps a shoutout to Yves Saint Laurent’s time in the neighboring city of Marrakesh?) and the Leila provides us with a club kid-approved classic black frame. What’s more, the collection comes in a variety of hues, from black, olive, amber, tobacco, to blue.

Port Tanger’s sunglasses are handcrafted in Italy, and made from a sustainably-minded cellulose, derived from cotton and alcohol with minimal use of chemicals. Browse a selection of the collection below, and shop the full release here.

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