Sun Buddies SS21 Takes Clout Googles to a Whole New Level

Sun Buddies SS21 Takes Clout Googles to a Whole New Level
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Sunglasses are the jigsaw piece of a fit that you can really let loose with. A final seal of expression on individual style — whatever that might be. Holding such single-item statement power has led this accessory to have more than a few defining moments in the annals of fashion history. Moments that aren’t going to be forgotten anytime soon. Not if Sun Buddies can help it, anyway.

The in-house eyewear brand of Swedish retailer and label Très Bien just dropped its SS21 collection, comprising various silhouettes inspired by famous faces with which standout sunglasses have a particular attachment. Something for everyone is a pretty tired phrase when writing shopping tips, but it’s hard not to make use of it here.

Spanning multiple decades, it goes hard on sunglasses that look like they’ve walked straight off a ‘90s runway. There’s the Courtney frame, for example, a direct riff on the “clout goggles” made famous by Curt Kobain in the 1990s and picked up decades later by the likes of Playboi Carti and Lil Yachty. It’s another reason to believe that grunge will never die.

Sticking with that same era, there’s the aptly-named Miuccia, available in two colorways,  including the candy pink clear-frame that pays tribute to a certain Ms. Prada and, possibly, her tumultuous relationship with the shade. Recently, we discussed how your lens color can say a lot about you and it’s a mantra that Sun Buddies just gave us a few more tools to commit to with.

There’s also the Wesley, which takes aesthetic cues from the Oakley-style sports sunglasses made famous by ’90s stars including Michael Jordan and, of course, Wesley Snipes in Blade. Sports sunglasses of this era are back in a big way at the moment, with Oakley re-issuing some of its iconic lenses from the period. How to spot them? They’re characterized by a thinner frame, polarised lens, and an alien-like vibe.

The icon-inspired Sun Buddies SS21 range goes further back than the 1990s, though. Its Ozzy frame is a clear nod to the ‘70s and the round-lens and ultra-thin frame sunglasses that were a favorite of the Prince of Darkness. These are a go-to when the carnation colorway of the Miuccia pair is just not underworldly enough for you this summer.

All of the tribute-paying sunglasses in the Sun Buddies SS21 collection are unisex and are handmade from fine Italian acetate. Carl Zeiss lenses on all of the options offer 100 percent UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays. You’ll find the rest of the styles and colorways below.

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