This Supersized Skeletor Figure Is for the OG Collectors

This Supersized Skeletor Figure Is for the OG Collectors

Mattel is about to make all your childhood dreams come true with a supersized Skeletor figure from the Masters of the Universe archives.

Most ’80s kids owned some kind of Masters of the Universe figure, but back then the biggest flex was owning a giant Shogun Warrior. This dream item, however, became a bit of a myth when it was discontinued in 1980. So it’s all the more exciting that Mattel is bringing this gem back.

Like the original, the two-foot-tall Shogun Warrior Skeletor figure can fire his fists and other spring-loaded missiles. This vintage revival, Mattel shared, was designed by Senior Masters of the Universe brand manager Ruben Martinez. “It’s a dream to see these two worlds collide,” he said.

The Shogun Warrior releases on Mattel Creations Friday, April 23, for $300. If you’re not ready to dole out that kind of money on a toy, fair enough, a $30 t-shirt of the collaboration will also arrive.

This isn’t the first Mattel x Masters of the Universe crossoverJust this year, the toymaker teamed up with Japanese contemporary artist MADSAKI for a merch collaboration inspired by the vintage series.

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