These Advanced Shorts Are Laughing at Your Swimmers

These Advanced Shorts Are Laughing at Your Swimmers
advanced summer shorts imageadvanced summer shorts image

If all goes to plan, this summer could be a summer of exploration. And all good explorers need appropriate apparel before they set off.

Much of summer is likely too hot for your twenty-pocket cargos but you’ll still need a place to store your expedition essentials. By expedition essentials, we mean your iPhone and wallet.

In place of camping store pants come advanced summer shorts. These are the shorts that do their primary job of keeping you cool but bring the extra tech, whether moisture-wicking fabrics, plentiful pockets, or climbing-ready features while doing so.

The brands you’d expect to see here are all present — The North Face, Arc’teryx, and Patagonia. However, the more unexpected likes of Jaaquemus and sacai have gotten involved in the functional shorts action, too.

Matthew Williams is a master of doing serious and sexy. Here, he applies that very combo to a pair of tactical shorts by his label 1017 ALYX 9SM.

The best advanced summer shorts will do their thing without being bulky about it. This pair, by and Wander, is ultra-sleek yet boasts six pockets, water-repellent capabilities, and a webbing belt.

The North Face’s Steep Tech line is inspired by the tech and functionality of skiing gear, something that might seem amiss when talking summer. But the ski-slope features, such as lightweight cotton jersey and D-ring keyholder, make perfect sense on shorts.

We recently wrote about olive green being everywhere again. sacai’s shorts, in the military-rooted shade, bear six pockets and a removable belt.

Arc’teryx is well known for bodying lightweight, breathable jackets, and its shorts are no different. This pair is made from quick-drying TerraTex™, which is more needed than you might think after a walk across a Greek island.

Not all next-level shorts put on a hard face. Jacqemus’ cute shorts are an example, and come with plenty of pocket space for all those new-age summer essentials.

Patagonia’s 5-inch Baggies shorts have become a big part of the inseam debate which is strangely still raging on TikTok and Twitter. These 10-inch hikers are twice as conservative but just as, if not more, comfortable.

Shopping summer shorts for men can lead many to play it safe on things like color. If you’re sick of doing so, a baby blue pair from adidas is perfect.

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