The Tank Top Shouldn’t Be Feared & These 10 Prove It

The Tank Top Shouldn’t Be Feared & These 10 Prove It
best tank tops for men

As summer staples go, tank tops get a pretty tough time and it’s easy to see why. Mention the tank top and the mind will likely wander to visions of gym bros and mirror selfies. But that’s exactly why it needs your love and attention because this is a wardrobe essential for everyone.

When the mercury rises, the obvious benefit of tank tops is their superior ability to keep you cool. But staying comfortable in the sun means coverage is sacrificed — something some people just won’t compromise on. This can be avoided with the right styling.

If you think of the tank top as a sweater vest for summer, then you might see it in a new light. Thicker tank tops, like this one from Stüssy, can be worn over the top of a thinner tank or a clean white tee like this one. Tank tops of all weight and style always look good under summer shirts. Pair them with shorts for the ultimate ‘I’m declaring summer’ look.

Adding shoppable evidence to the claim that this warm-weather essential should not be feared, we’ve rounded up some of this summer’s best tank tops for men.

Your post-lockdown looks are allowed to be ostentatious. Fitting that bill, this tank top by Ludovic de Saint Sernin bears the brand’s logo spelled out in Swarovski crystals. Rib-knit and stretch cotton give it a super-close fit.

The racerback build and high levels of breathability make this one perfect for running or working out. The neon detail makes it perfect for the rave.

Thick tank tops like this one look great when coupled up with other tops. From Stüssy’s latest collection, this olive option will look great over a white or black tee and under a lighter shirt.

Priya Ahluwalia’s penchant for upcycling results in collections that put patchwork at center stage. This tank top from the latest Ahluwalia Studio range takes clear cues from basketball gear.

The ultimate classic when it comes to tank tops for men, the ribbed white iteration has been a staple for more than 100 years. You can probably rest assured that this is going nowhere.

If styling them with loud shirts, you’ll probably want to keep your tank tops as simple as possible. Like the white one above, this does the job and is finished off with a cute Marine Serre logo.

Baggy options like this one offer more styling options that might convert the anti-tankers. Would look good over a long-sleeve shirt, if the weather permits it.

The tank top has its roots in sportswear and certain renditions, like this one from Marni, serve as a reminder. The ultimate beach tank.

If you’re in favor of the tank top, you might fall into one of two camps. The sporty — like the Marni and Ahluwalia options above, or the sexy.

Another one that’ll work super well as a layering tool. Can already picture a breezy Our Legacy shirt partnered up with this.

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