The Best Watches to See You Through Short-Sleeve Season

The Best Watches to See You Through Short-Sleeve Season

It’s short-sleeve season once again, which has a few knock-on effects. One of the big things to consider is wrist wear. With forearms on show, there’s a lot of empty space to fill which means that accessories become more important than ever. BREDA’s selection of affordable watches comes with distinctive vintage style, making it a no-brainer if you’re on the search for versatile accessories to round out your short-sleeve fit.

The world of watches is a difficult one to break into from both a style perspective and a financial perspective. Unwritten rules around case size and bezel width, along with endless discussion over the best movements make it easy to feel as though you’re out of your depth instantly. Couple that with timepieces totaling eye-watering amounts and you might start thinking it’s not worth it. Enter BREDA. Simple, timeless watches which won’t break the bank but will elevate your fits.

We’ve reserved wrist space for a BREDA watch this season already, so it’s just a case of picking the right one. From vintage-style metal watches to bright, summer-ready numbers, the brand looks set to cover all your wristwatch needs this season and these are our top picks.

Revel is one of the newest additions to the family, but it fits in effortlessly with the rest of the offering thanks to its sophisticated, mid-century style. The 14mm square face is immediately eye-catching in its understatement and the metal bracelet continues the classic design.

Visser is up there with our favorite square-face watches on the market. Whether it’s styled with a leather or metal bracelet, the pared-back, square face has the strong impact we’re looking for this season.

Inspired by the minimalist sculptures of Beverly Pepper, Beverly is a collision of worlds. The old-school, croc-look leather bracelet and small case turn the clock back (excuse the pun) but the bold dial markings against the clean face feel forward-thinking and modern.

Play debuted last summer and stands as the brand’s most modern watch by a long way. The transparent thermoplastic polyurethane band and case keeps things dialed down while also framing the immaculate face. This timepiece is made for action so it’s a dream for spring and summer.

If BREDA watches had a meal together, the Virgil would sit at the head of the table. The 26mm rectangular case is a strong, structural focal point for the design, giving your outfits a big splash of vintage appeal. Whether you’re opting for a leather or metal band, Virgil’s case anchors the design with a retro aesthetic.

Jane steps things up in terms of retro inspirations. A mother-of-pearl dial captures attention despite the watch’s diminutive size. If you’re looking for a watch that doesn’t dominate a style but still garners attention, Jane should be top of your list.

In a similar style to the bold geometry of Visser, Esther makes its mark with a clean, all-metal build which accentuates the silhouette. Detailing is kept to a minimum, with pared-back dial markings and tonal metal construction.

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