Serge Ibaka Just Showed How to Win a Game From the Sidelines

Serge Ibaka Just Showed How to Win a Game From the Sidelines
serge ibaka

There’s a real spectrum of styles in the NBA, and that’s what makes the courtside and walk-in fits so fascinating. While other sports distance themselves from personal expression through style, NBA players thrust themselves into the spotlight week after week with outfits ranging from the good to the bad and the downright ugly. One of recent memory’s most successful NBA outfits, however, comes courtesy of Clippers Center Serge Ibaka.

The Congolese seven-footer threw conventional style rules to the wind and came out on top last week. Contrasting luxury and loungewear with serious finesse, Ibaka donned an ankle-length, linen robe which was always going to steal the show. After that, it all came down to accessorizing, which the defensive specialist did with aplomb. Low-top Dior B23 sneakers provided an understated flex, mirrored by a crossbody Thom Browne bag and white Prada bucket hat. A silk scarf formed the makeshift face mask which gave the fit a finishing bite.

The NBA can teach us many things about how to dress and, often, how not to dress. Serge Ibaka’s linen-based masterpiece falls squarely into the former group. Understated yet brimming with confidence, and seriously easy to mimic, we’re taking notes for summer.

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