Proof That Statement Shirts Aren’t Always Ugly Shirts

Proof That Statement Shirts Aren’t Always Ugly Shirts
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Some seasons just lend themselves to a specific style. Obviously, you’ve got the inevitability of loud jumpers at Christmas or leather boots in winter. For spring and summer? Statement shirts should be on your mind and in your wardrobe. While autumn and winter are about function, comfort, and natural hues, spring and summer are about peacocking to the max. That means breezy cuts and eye-catching prints because if you can’t do it when the sun’s out, when can you?

There is, however, a misconception that statement shirts mean ugly shirts. Indeed, in the Venn diagram of statement shirts and ugly shirts, there is some overlap, but we’re steering towards the tasteful side of the two intersecting circles with the help of Harvey Nichols. In that circle, you’ll find the likes of Rick Owens, Jacquemus, Casablanca, and more. That sounds like a team we want to be on.

As always, with the bolder side of your wardrobe, it’s important to take care with styling. Frame your statement shirts with toned-down pieces to give them impact and avoid clashes. But you know that already. On to the shirts.

Acne Studios offers up one of the richest earth-tone palettes of the season, and while it doesn’t have instant, bold impact, the darker hues make styling a breeze. The graphic element does the legwork in terms of capturing attention.

Bossi Sportswear’s offering always packs a punch and we’d go as far as saying that this shirt is on the quieter side of things. A neutral backdrop makes way for electric pink embellishment and subtle detailing like multicolor, marbled buttons.

Statement shirts aren’t always bright, by the way. Ragazzi’s Palm Angels is the proof with this logo-emblazoned number in black and white. Cue everyone turning their heads trying to read what your shirt says.

Much brighter than we’re used to from the Dark Lord, this contrast shirt is Rick’s best shot at summer style. Two contrasting patterns meet at a press-stud fastening in attention-worthy style.

Matthew Williams’ debut collection for Givenchy is as dark as could be expected, and this blueprint-inspired design is a raw industrial edge to your summer wardrobe. The real statement of this shirt lies in its simplicity.

While most statement shirts use the Cuban-collar silhouette as their basis, JW Anderson’s punchy printed masterpiece for SS21 looks to the classic Oxford shirt. That makes this design ideal for spring and summer layering too.

Made from lyocell, a super-lightweight fabric fit for summer, this Saint Laurent shirt makes no mistake about its allegiances to the Hawaiian shirt. A classic Hawaiian floral motif provides the highlight to the black foundation.

From skeletons to rattlesnakes, Amiri’s visual identity isn’t always the brightest but it definitely makes a statement. This black Cuban-collar shirt is cut from luxurious silk-twill and features a host of scaly friends to see you through the warmer months.

Abstract florals in military green contrast with a pastel pink backdrop for a hypnotic take on the Cuban-collar shirt. Cut from stretch cotton, this number is the airy antidote to the heavyweight shirts we’ve left behind in winter.

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