Can Bella Hadid Convince You To Wear a Skinny Scarf?

Can Bella Hadid Convince You To Wear a Skinny Scarf?

Who: Bella Hadid

What She’s Wearing: an oversized USHATÁVA pinstripe suit, a bright pink baby T-shirt, matching pink-tinted sunglasses, and a knitted skinny scarf and hat duo.

Why It Works: The real question here is, does it work? There are multiple elements to this fit and we can’t decide whether we love it or hate it. Taken on the slushy streets of New York, the outfit features a baggy pinstripe suit from Russian brand USHATÁVA, with a jacket so long it can double as a dress. Celebs have been playing with suiting proportions for a while now, and for Bella, this one actually verges on the smaller side.

But it’s the details that make — or potentially break — this outfit. The bright pink baby tee (potentially a Baby Phat one, but we can’t confirm 100 percent) with matching tinted shades that are extremely early 2000s (and also extremely unsurprising coming from the model who has been one of the main purveyors of the decade’s revival).

One trend we didn’t see coming back, however, is the skinny scarf. An almost ubiquitous look in the middle-to-late 2000s, the style was worn by queens of the era like Lindsey Lohan, Avril Lavigne, and Mischa Barton (aka Marisa Cooper in The O.C) and went hand-in-hand with other questionable trends like layering skirts over jeans.

Here, Bella wears a knitted version with a matching beanie that almost makes us dig into the fashion archives and reconsider the style, but we’re not sure if we’re quite ready.

The fit is finished with heavy boots which makes sense given the literally freezing weather in New York right now. Even all the Uniqlo heat tech in the world won’t make a polyester (or more technically, terylene) blazer into a winter coat, but at least her feet will be dry.

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